Sunday, February 9, 2014

Phase Two, Blocking in the bureau, the dress & her hair, the darks. I'm using Windsor & Newton Lamp Black with a touch of Linseed Oil & a touch of W&N Liquin, smells like model airplane paint, has an oil enamel quality. This is a "One Touch Process." When you start, you must finish fast! No timeouts! Mix more paint than you may need, if you run out, you're 1@#$%^! Apply the paint rapidly, & use your soft big brushes to bring up a thin, even surface, much like applying a black laquer glaze. Masking tape can help with straight lines. Remove the tape carefully, you don't want any drags. Once you have everything blocked in, try some Viva Towels to blot out her arms and legs. Lay the painting on a flat surface, protected from dust, & let it dry overnight!

Classical limited palette portrait painting,  figurative realism.